This product meter stay that can be placed next to the genuine speedometer, because it comes with vehicle-only sub-harness, genuine parts of the processing and there is no need for wiring processing, Smalling 
Le DN tachometer (orange LED) to Monkey 125 Can be installed. 
Wiring can be connected with coupler on. 
Meter stay is made of steel black paint finish


Because the pointer angle is fully controlled by the digital signal & small motor, the pointer holding power is high and reliability is excellent. 
In addition to the rotation speed function, the meter body also has a thermometer, watch, engine work timer, automatic measurement function (maximum temperature recording / maximum rotation speed recording). 
Orange LED illumination on black panel is outstanding at night recognition. 
Adopt stainless steel body. 
Rubber mount type stay attached


■ pointer type electric type tachometer: ~ 16000 rpm display 

■ Equipped with various functions on the monitor (digital display) 
Thermometer (measurable up to 120 ° C) Because stick temperature sensor is included, sold separately from our company's drain bolt By purchasing, you can measure the temperature at the drain bolt part. 
When the temperature sensor is placed in the cowl, outside air temperature can be measured. 

■ Automatic Measurement Function 
Perform maximum temperature recording / maximum rotation speed recording automatically when the meter is installed. 
After running, you can check the record by switching the meter display, and the record will be saved until resetting. 

■ Engine work timer A timer 
that automatically adds the engine operating time of 500 rpm or more. 
It stops when it becomes less than 500 rpm. 
Maximum time: 9999 hours (It is recorded in minutes in 100 hours, it is recorded in 1 hour unit when it exceeds 100 hours. Resetable. Hidden setting available 

∎ Clock 
24 hour display invisible setting

Takegawa Φ48 small DN tachometer kit (Orange LED) 125 Monkey