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CT125, GROM, Monkey 125, Super Cub C125
GROM (JC61/JC75/JC92)
Super Cub C125 (JA48/JA58)
CT125 (JA55/JA65)
Super Cub 110 (JA59)
Cross Cub 110 (JA60)
Monkey 125 (JB02/JB03)
Monkey 125 Thai model (MLHJB02/MLHJB03)
CB125R (JC91)
CB250F (MC43)
CBR250R (MC41) (ABS specification car compatible)
Dax 125 (JB04)


This is a foldable lever that bends to prevent the lever from breaking in the event of a fall. The lever is equipped with an adjustment lever that can adjust the position of the lever according to the size of the palm, and can be adjusted in a range of 6 steps.
The lever body is machined from aluminum and is color anodized.
The lever length is the same as the normal GROM, Super Cub C125, CT125, Monkey 125, and CB125R, and it is multifunctional and compact.


Lever: Gunmetal Adjust Lever: Red Holder: The texture of black aluminum and color anodized aluminum enhance the dress-up effect and make the handle area beautiful.
Our logo is laser marked.

Takegawa Aluminium Billet Front Brake Lever 168 (Retractable) MSX/125 Monkey

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