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The new Anlas SC-500 Winter 2 is a very popular tyre in Europe that offers exceptional value and outstanding grip on snowy or wet surfaces. The tread has a heavily siped pattern with wide drainage grooves that channel water away from the contact patch for optimal performance on wet roads. The compound is the company's very latest and delivers consistent grip levels no matter how bad the roads are. The fact that the tyre has all these sipes, grooves and channels made it a challenge to reduce rolling resistance, but once again Anlas Tyres has come up trump making this tyre more economical on fuel than it’s predecessor, and they have even improved durability. Despite its design, the tyre can be used all-year round thanks to the improved abrasion resistance which reduces wear in warmer weather.


The Anlas SC-500 Winter Grip 2 is a winter tyre for scooters and mopeds available in a wide range of sizes, making it a suitable fitment for a wide range of machines.

Anlas WinterGrip2 Tyres 120/70-12 & 130/70-12

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