RCMini5 fully replaces the jet computer 

Designed for the original and light to medium modified engine

Monitor dozens of engine information with your phone*

Use your phone to adjust*

3D oil supply, 3D ignition angle, acceleration/deceleration oil quantity, idle speed...etc.

The original factory limit is released, and the limit rotation speed can be set arbitrarily.

Depot level control logic, with multiple compensations such as temperature and atmospheric pressure, in line with daily and track use

Release engine kinetic energy, the original factory set to increase power by more than 10% (depending on the type of vehicle)

Small size, plug and play

100% original car factory joint design, no damage to the original car wiring harness

The industry's first IP67 dustproof and waterproof, weatherproof safety regulations

With AF1, BMW level fuel automatic correction can be realized  

BLink wireless module is Included :-)


ARacer RC Mini5 + Blink