RC Super 2 Complete ECU

Dual core design, calculation speed up 50%

More accuracy operation of injection and ignition timing

Weight reduce 12%, heat dissipation10%

Can be extend several professional race kits and modules

Support all NA modified of the engine

3D Injection can be adjusted

3D ignition timing can be adjust

Unblock rpm limited, support rpm to 16500rpm

Vehicle standard control strategy, include temperature, baro....etc. compensation

Support many popular bike model, free download map and increase performance

Increase power at least 10% by stock engine 

Plug and Play

100% stock ecu connector, no need to cut or modify the stock wire 

Meet IP67 vehicle standard

 Autotune function ( AF1 wideband AFR module is necessary)





ARacer RC2 Super ECU MSX125 / 125 Monkey

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