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Average Tensile Strength: 414kN→5.88kN
Maximum Allowable Tension: 0.735kN→1.07kN It is a highly accurate solid bush chain with high rigidity and abrasion resistance. Its surface is seamless and smooth and has complete roundness. The solid bush will prevent the bush from deforming into barrel shape when pushed into the link plate, and create optimum contact bearing surface between pin and bush. Its performance has drastically improved compared to standard products (wear life: from 1.8 times more to 4 times more)

Through the die-hard alpha processing, a really hard coating will be formed on the surface of the pin. A high hardness carbide is dispersed within the inner side of the coating. Thus, it will not give in even if hard foreign particles intrude.

The plate is made 1.4 times thicker and its maximum loading capacity has become 1.5 times more. (in case of MONKEY).
Uses plate of 1.0mm thick (OEM plate thickness: 0.72mm).


Takegawa Die Hard Cam Chain

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