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13-20 Honda MSX Titanium Drag Reduction System


Straight From The Development Lab of Dinger Built comes the Billet Titanium Drag Reduction System for the 13-20 Honda MSX or also know as the DB-DRS system.


* Smooth Surface Finish

* Billet Titanium* Installation requires all 3 spacers for Maximizing Potential.

* Recommended With DB-HB Hyper Bearings

* Six Piece Set

* Lighter Then OEM

* Smoother Install of wheels vs OEM/ Competition

* Over 5 Times More Spin Time Then OEM/Competition

* Can Be Torqued to OEM SPECS -40FT LBS

* The use of the DB-DRS System and the DB-HB Have proven well over 5Min Spin Time Torqued @ 20FT LBS, 75Deg Hub Temp and a 20v dewalt!


Hands Down the best combination on the market when it comes to removing drag from your wheel system.


Dinger Titanium Drag Reduction System MSX 2013-2020

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