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Incorporates multiple pre-set fuel adjustment maps tailored to our engine parts !!

By installing our dedicated software on a PC or our dedicated application on a smartphone, you can finely set the fuel adjustment map according to the engine specifications. 
However, because the setting requires a facility equipped with a chassis dynamometer and an O2 sensor, setting is difficult and time-consuming without a base fuel adjustment map.
The FI-CON TYPE-e incorporates multiple pre-set fuel adjustment maps according to our engine specifications, such as when a sports camshaft is mounted on a normal engine or a car equipped with an S-stage bore-up kit. 
In this way, if the vehicle is equipped with our products, you can install the FI-CON TYPE-e and select the built-in fuel adjustment map to complete the setting. 
In addition, even if you are wearing a muffler or other company's product, you can proceed with the setting smoothly by selecting the built-in fuel adjustment map of our product-equipped car and performing fine adjustment. 

In principle, the setting requires a facility equipped with a chassis dynamometer and an O2 sensor. 
Setting while checking your smartphone while driving is very dangerous. 
Please do not do it absolutely.

Coupler can be mounted on the genuine ECU !! ・ ・ ・ Fuel injection time adjustment function

Coupler-on can be attached to the 
genuine ECU !! Because the coupler corresponding to the genuine ECU is adopted for the controller wiring, processing of the wiring is not necessary at all, and the coupler-on can be easily attached to the genuine ECU. 
Fuel injection time adjustment function 
It is possible to adjust between the maximum increase value 5000 μs and the maximum decrease value 7500 μs at every 500 rpm of the engine speed every 5% of accelerator opening. 
Therefore, it corresponds widely from a normal engine to a bore-up vehicle.

Real-time monitor function with engine temperature display, Real search function

Our dedicated software (smartphone: application) installed on a PC or smartphone has a real-time monitor function that is very convenient for setting. 
The real-time monitoring function digitally displays the tachometer screen, throttle opening graph screen, engine temperature, and injector fuel injection rate. 
When the engine is running, you can check the tachometer, the throttle position sensor (TPS) opening monitor, and the engine temperature in real time. 
Real search function 
It is possible to connect with a PC or a smartphone while the engine is started. The information of the moving engine is reflected on the screen of the personal computer or smartphone in real time. 
The real search function reflects the reading speed and throttle opening on the mass of the fuel map graph, and illuminates that part to clarify the adjustment location. 
When setting, it will be a very useful function.

Rev limit function

Digital acceleration pump function

Rev Limit function The upper limit of the engine speed can be set. Because the function is independent of the limiter, it can be set even at low speed. 
It is a function that can be used effectively when you do not want to increase the engine speed, such as tuning measures against engine revs and familiar driving. 
Digital acceleration pump function, FI con Type-e takes in TPS (throttle position sensor) signal and monitors the speed of accelerator opening. When the accelerator is released quickly, it is determined that the rider wants a quick acceleration, and asynchronous injection is performed asynchronously in addition to the incremental injection set at the moment the accelerator is opened. 

Takegawa FI Con TYPE-e (Injection Controller) 125 Monkey 2018-2020

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