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You can change it to a fat suspension by installing 4.0J with 8 inches.
It is the maximum size that can be installed with a normal stem and a normal swing arm.
However, the front fork requires a 32080 dust seal, a 4mm front offset sprocket such as 36022, and a 39403 offset sprocket spacer.

● Recommended tire size 120-70-8 (B77)
● Recommended tire tube 3.5-4.0-8
Rim width 114mm


Valve holes for drum brakes, both front and rear brake panels are on the side.
For disc brakes, both front and rear are on the sprocket side.

[Caution] The shape of the rim may be different on the left and right. It is not a malfunction because it is due to lot error. Please note. When 4.0J is installed, the tire interferes with the chain cover. Remove the interference points on the chain cover.

GCraft 8inch Wheel Z50J/Gorilla

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