As an introduction to Monkey Custom, we will provide customers with a set of 8 inch 3.5J wheels, B77 tires and tubes.
It can be attached to a normal monkey by bolt-on.

Can also be installed on 4L Monkey, FI Monkey, and Gorilla) Tire size 110 / 80-8, sold for one unit.
The customer is responsible for assembling.


● Set contents
8 inch 3.5J wide wheel 8 hole type 1 wheel x 2
steady B-77 tire 110-80-8 x 2
Tire tube (3.5: 4.0-8 L-shaped valve) x 2

● Valve holes For
drum brakes, both front and rear brake panels are on the side.
For disc brakes, both front and rear are on the sprocket side.

GCraft 8inch Wheel Kit 3.5J&3.5J 8H SILVER Z50J/Gorilla