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It is a tack roll specification with a step for exclusive use of Monkey 125.


It is for Monkey 125, a stepped tack roll sheet that has been loved for many years with cab monkey sheets


It has been significantly changed from the genuine shape and commercialized for the purpose of improving looks and footing.

The seat height is 60mm lower than the genuine one, and the overall shape is used to improve footing.


The rear edge of the seat is embossed with the Gcraft logo and has a tag sewn on it.

* Since February shipment, a sheet into the foam. The squeaky sound when straddling is not a defect because
it is the sound of the skin and the sheet rubbing against each other .


[Vehicle type] Monkey 125 (JB02, JB03)

GCraft Custom Seat Stepped Tuck Roll (31296) 125 Monkey 2018-2021+

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