The main pipe uses the same lightweight and highly rigid aluminum 7N01 material as the triple square swing arm.
By fixing our back step directly to the frame, the rigidity around the step is improved.

● Neck length genuine same size, head pipe position genuine same size.
● Neck angle 25 degrees
● 5L monkey tank and gorilla tank can be used.
● Since the engine body can be offset by 7 mm, the offset sprocket required when installing 10-inch 4.0J wheels and NSR wheels is not required.
● Compatible with genuine battery cases and our aluminum battery cases (37102).
● Handle lock can be used.
● Main pipe buff finish.
● Frame weight 5.2Kg.
● Genuine side cover and rear fender can be used.
● Knock pin processing is applied to the threaded part of the main pipe and pivot plate joint to achieve high strength with a structure that does not receive the load in the shear direction with bolts.
● 39407 Can be installed at the same time as the engine reinforcement plate.
(Brake pedal shafts 39974 and 39945 are required separately when installing the engine reinforcement plate.)

* Type-N cannot be equipped with an oil cooler mounting stay or a down tube mounting stay.

* FI monkey cannot be installed.
* Battery case is not included.
* There is a special serial number stamped.
* Bearing races are not press-fitted.
* Brake pedal shaft is not included.
* Processing may be required for installations other than Honda genuine crankcases and our aluminum billet crankcases.
* The conventional monoshock swing arm cannot be installed.
(A monoshock swing arm dedicated to GC-019 is required.
* Genuine muffler and up type muffler cannot be used.
* Sales certificate is not issued.
* Peraphen can not be used .
* 37022 Oil catch tank type 6 installation Possible.
* 33428 4L style side cover stay cannot be installed


It has a compact design like the genuine frame, and is suitable for making a minimum body.


The area around the head pipe is also reinforced exclusively for Type-N.

* Due to the position of the head pipe, the reinforcement around the neck is larger than the conventional GC-020.
Therefore, the down tube and oil cooler cannot be installed.


The main pipe, which is also a feature of GC-020, uses the same material as the swing arm.
Arranged so as to sandwich the head pipe from the left and right, it has a lightweight finish while maintaining strength.


Another major feature of GC-020 is that the seat rails are made of steel.
By making the parts that are not so noticeable when mounted on the car body made of steel, it also leads to cost reduction.


[Vehicle type] Monkey, gorilla


<< Option >> Brake Rear Brake Pedal Shaft INCLUDED

GCraft GC-020 Aluminum Frame Kit (Inc Rear Brake Pedal Shaft) Honda Z50J

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