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It is a back step kit developed for the purpose of making it easier to handle in daily riding and touring.

Step position

 I made it into 3 positions to fit various rider's physique.
 The step position that does not back and up too much does not make your legs too cramped, making riding fun.

 75mm back 15mm up
 85mm back 20mm up
 95mm back 25mm up



Adoption of newly designed step bar

The existing step bar was a knurled type, but
the shape has been changed in consideration of improved grip performance and damage during a fall (a shape in which only the tip of the step bar breaks).
The mounting method has also been redesigned so that it can be tightened from the front side. Even if it is loose, it can be accessed from the outside, improving maintainability.



Pedal tip

The size of the feet and the shape of the boots are all different. Therefore, the bar at the tip of the pedal also has a variable structure.
It can be changed by 8 mm from the standard position, and can be installed up to 16 mm behind.
Of course, domestic bearings are used for the pedal shaft to achieve smooth operation.



Structural changes around the shift linkage

The genuine product has some play due to its mechanism.
Therefore, by adopting a pillow ball for the link part, play is minimized.


Uses a newly designed heel plate

By adopting a large heel plate, the hold product of the car body has been raised.
In addition, we designed it considering the surface that the boots, ankles, etc. come into contact with, so we tried to minimize catching during maneuvering.



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