Bore Diameter: 52.4mm (Same as STD Bore Diameter)
Compression Ratio: High Comp Piston 12.5: 1 (STD Piston 9.8: 1)

[Product Contents]
High Comp Piston Kit
Sports Camshaft (N-15)
FI Controller 2 (FI Controller)
Spark Plug

Replace Piston and Camshaft without changing Engine Displacement Volume, and use FI Controller 2 (Injection Controller) It is Hyper tuning set which enables output up by simultaneous installation of.
Hyper tuning set (Normal Throttle BodySpec. ), High compression piston kit Sports Camshaft (N-15) , FI Controller 2 (Injection Controller) , Spark plug included.

■High compression piston kit
Without changing the Engine Displacement Volume, using Normal cylinder head, Normal cylinder, exchanging Piston makes output up possible.
Piston is Piston pursuing an optimum Piston shape, sticking to details in order to realize high compression, high efficiency combustion, low friction of Piston.
Adopt high rigidity aluminum forged material to withstand high compression ratio.

■Sports Camshaft (N-15)
Sports Camshaft (N-15) Is Camshaft developed for Entry model. The optimum profile that draws the performance of Normal cylinder head improves output performance.
Also, Sports Camshaft (N-15) Because there is no Automatic decompression mounting structure, when installed, Decompression less Spec. Will be.
If you install only Camshaft in Normal piston, Normal muffler state, FI Controller 2 is not necessary.
FI Controller 2 is required when Sports Camshaft and SP Takegawa's Exhaust System are installed at the same time.

■FI Controller 2 (Injection Controller)
Bore upetc on Injection car. If you install Engine Parts of the engine, the burning will be out of order.
SP Takekawa's Injection controller has built-in 3D fuel map set according to SP Part Takesakawa Engine Parts, and the Spec. Can be set according to.
When changing the setting, you do not need any PC etc, you can easily change the setting by switching Body's Rotary switch.
SP Injection controller of Takekawa company enables fuel injection above the Large injection quantity of Normal computer.
Also, the built-in correction map is totally darker · It has an increase / decrease function which can be fine-tuned with Body's Rotary switch in thin eyes.
Because it comes with the Harness exclusive Harness by car model, it is possible to install it with Wiring processing of the Smallest limit.

About Rev Limiter cut function
· MSX125 (MLHJC618_D50000001-) Normal Throttle BodySpec. In case of Rev limiter function, there is no Rev limit revolution same as normal.
· MSX125 (MLHJC618_D50000001-) Big Throttle BodySpec. , It has Rev limiter function. Rev limit number of revolutions : About 11500 rpm

* High octane rating gasoline specification.
* It is for SP equipped with engine parts made by Takegawa. Do not use in conjunction with engine parts from other manufacturers. It may cause engine malfunction or malfunction.
* H. I. D Kit, other company's LED headlights and fog lamps, please never install at the same time. ballast / inverter (Voltage Conversion Device) There is a thing with high voltage noise that adversely affects the digital circuit from it, which may cause product malfunction or malfunction.
* Headlight ON / OFF switch, external item Ignition device should not be installed at the same time.

Hyper Tuning Set (STD Throttle Body Specification) MSX