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This is a bore up KIT that allows you to use the stock cylinder head as is. Realizes increased power and torque by increasing displacement. In particular, the torque is much higher than normal from the medium speed range, making it easy to handle.

*I-MAP/Fuel Controller, etc. is required for installation. (Required parts vary depending on the degree of tuning.)


○Aluminum cast iron sleeve cylinder
○Piston: Casting specification (3R) / Molybdenum coat finish
○Displacement: 145cc
 Bore diameter: φ54
 Stroke: 63.1mm (normal)
○Compression ratio: 10.5:1
○Unleaded premium gasoline specification
*Exceeding 125cc Therefore, it cannot be used on general public roads.

Kitaco 145cc Light Bore Up Kit Monkey JB03, Grom JC92, Dax JB04, CT125 JA65

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