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A complete kit that includes a high camshaft necessary for mounting the LIGHT bore up kit, I-MAP that controls the amount of fuel injection, etc. Realizes engine characteristics with plenty of torque.
In order to demonstrate stable performance, it is necessary to replace the muffler separately.


○Aluminum cast iron sleeve cylinder
○Displacement: 164cc
 Bore diameter: φ60
 Stroke: 57.9mm
○Piston: Cast (3R) specifications
○Compression ratio: 11.1:1 (normal: 9.3:1)
○I-MAP injection controller included
○O2 sensor Feedback canceller included
○Unleaded premium gasoline specification
*Because it exceeds 125cc, it cannot be used on general public roads.
*Separately our super oil cooler KIT is required.

Kitaco 164cc Power Pack Light 125 Monkey 2018-2020 (JB02 4 Speed)

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