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181cc big bore kit Kitaco for Honda MSX125 / 125 Monkey


A bore-up kit that incorporates more advanced performance and durability into its design concept.The included cylinder head optimizes the combustion chamber shape and features a highly efficient port shape and big valves. In addition, the exclusive high camshaft and high compression pistons optimized for each displacement allow you to experience intense torque and flat acceleration.


*To install, you will need the recommended parts for your vehicle model, such as the big throttle kit (for NEO cylinder heads), large-capacity injectors, and I-MAP.

Aluminum cast iron sleeve cylinderDisplacement: 181cc Bore diameter: φ63 Stroke: 57.9mm (standard)Compression ratio: 11.5:1Unleaded premium gasoline specification*No decompression function.*Because it exceeds 125cc, it cannot be used on public roads.

Kitaco 181cc NEO 2v Honda MSX 125 / 125 Monkey 2013-2020

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