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181cc big bore kit Kitaco for Honda MSX125 / 125 Monkey

High performance with high quality and durability.

Cylinder head shaped for better combustion and with high efficient port shape with bigger valve ( Ø30.0mm & Ø24.5mm valve, std are 25.5mm and 21mm).

Racing camshaft provided.

Hi compression piston 11.1:1.

Kit with:

-Complete cylinder head (with camshaft, spark plug,...)

-Cylindre with treatment Nickasyl with high compression piston kit.

-Crankshaf with H-Rod (stock stroke).

-DID cam chain reinforced.


Attention: Fuel Controller/Management and Big Throttle Body Kit are required.

Kitaco 181cc NEO 2v Honda MSX 125 / 125 Monkey 2013-2020

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