Engine Displacement: 88cc
Bore Diameter: Φ52
Stroke: 41.4mm (STD Stroke)
Piston: Forging

Recommended to Monkey system tuning beginner in the standard specification of trust!
The ultimate LIGHT bore-up kit that does not drop quality and thoroughly reviewed the cost.
It boosts power & torque across the entire area with an attached cylinder head that optimizes the combustion chamber shape.
High-efficiency port shape, big valve, high-cam (optional), high-comp piston suitable for each displacement, etc.
You can experience the power and torque in the entire area which is not compared with normal.

*There are cases that it has optional in the photo.
*It is impossible to mount a part of Monkey R/RT, Motra, Chaly, Super Cub (a model adopting wide cam mountains).
*Chaly requires processing because it interfere the cylinder fin and leg shield.

Kitaco 88cc NEW STD Bore Up Kit 12v


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