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88cc / plated cylinder


Improved power and torque in the entire area. Reliable standard specifications.
Includes a cylinder head with an optimized combustion chamber shape. You can experience the power and torque in the entire range, which is not comparable to the normal one, such as the highly efficient port shape, big valve, high cam, and adoption of the high compression piston that is most suitable for each displacement.


○ Aluminum cylinder / Aluminum hard-plated cylinder
○ Displacement
 : 88cc Bore diameter: φ52
 Stroke: 41.4mm (normal)
○ Valve built-in
○ Piston: Casting


Compatible model


  • Monkey / gorilla FNO, Z50J-1000001 ~ 1323946
  • Dax (ST50 6V) FNO, ST50-1000001 ~ 6299999
  • Monkey / gorilla FNO, Z50J-1323947-1510400
  • Shari FNO, CF50-1000001 ~ 2899999
  • Dax (ST50 6V) FNO, ST50-6300022-6346265
  • CD50 FNO, CD50-1100001-1330600

Kitaco 88cc STD-Type 2 Bore Up Kit Z50 6v

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