Cylinder: Aluminum
Piston: Casting

Engine Displacement: 88cc
Bore Diameter: Φ52
Stroke: 41.4mm (STD)
with Valve

It boosts power & torque across the entire area.
It is STD specification of trust.
It includes with a cylinder head that optimized combustion chamber shape.
It can sense the power and torque over the entire range which is not comparable with STD, such as high-efficiency port shape, big valve, high camshaft, adoption of high-compression piston optimum for each engine displacement.

•It is a Cylinder Head Assembly
It is a hemispherical type and cross flow type combustion chamber shape which achieves various conditions such as shortening the flame propagation distance (improvement of volumetric efficiency), setting the compression ratio high, and so on by making the inner wall surface area and capacity compact.
It applies a fillet processing to increase the flow velocity during suction and exhaustion.

•Aluminum Cylinder
The Aluminum Cylinder is lining up of a hard specification, high specifications and cast iron sleeve specification with reduced cost.

•88/108 Φ52 Piston
It is a new type of 88/108cc piston for STD Type 2.

Kitaco 88cc STD Bore Up Type 6v


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