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This is a reinforced centrifugal clutch KIT that is ideal for powered-up centrifugal clutch vehicles. It reliably transmits driving force even when the normal centrifugal clutch would slip.
*The following special tools are required for installation.
Clutch outer holder
Honda genuine part number: 07923-0340000
Center lock nut wrench
Product code NO, 674-1432900


○Clutch weight: 7 pieces (normal 4 pieces)
○Reinforced clutch spring installed
○Allowable rotation speed: 10000rpm
○For tuning engines only
○Compatible with models with temporary reduction ratio 4.058 (17/69T)
*R crankcase is required separately for installation Requires cover gasket (966-1015004).



Kitaco HD Clutch Kit XR/CRF50

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