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For setting around the feet. This is an adjuster that allows you to adjust the preload of the front fork spring.
Since the spring is compressed from the bottom of the fork, it is possible to hang initials on the spring


○Steel plated finish
○Initial adjustment range: 0 to 12mm (1 mm per revolution)
○1 set left and right
○O-ring included
○Standard fork springs and our fork inner springs can be used together
*The axle shaft must be removed for adjustment. 
*Replacement work requires a vise, gas burner, and screw locking material.
*The recommended time to roast on a gas burner is about 2 minutes. Also, when roasted, fork boots may become discolored. note that.
*According to the service manual, this is a part that cannot be disassembled, so please request replacement work to a contractor with specialized knowledge.

Kitaco Initial Fork Adjuster Set MSX, Grom, 125 Monkey, 125 Dax

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