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Set the best ignition timing for dedicated Program
The best ignition timing is to cause the piston to ignite and explode on the air-fuel mixture just before top dead center, but in fact it is delayed in flame propagation (Time to maximum explosive power) , Delay due to the transmission of electricity, delay due to mechanical factors, and ignition timing is set to 5 to 40 degrees in crank angle beforehand, but for general users who are traveling on public roads The CDI unit installed in the machine is not set to the ignition timing characteristic which covers all the various performances of the machine.This Rev CDI spark unit draws out the maximum performance of the machine, The best ignition timing characteristic is dedicated program for each vehicle is a CDI unit.It is the ignition timing characteristic assuming race running especially realizing the power up in the whole range from low speed to high speed.In addition, electric limiter releasing device I have it.

Kitaco Power Rev 2 Race CDI KLX110 (02-09)

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