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This is a 41.4mm normal stroke reinforced crankshaft developed for ULTRA-SE, SE-PRO, and DOHC bore up. The H-section connecting rod, the ax-shaped knife-edge crank web shape, and the larger diameter of the big end pin greatly improve durability and reduce friction loss. Also, compared to the stock crankshaft, it is approximately 100g lighter.
*Since dynamic balance is set with our ULTRA-SE, SE-PRO, and DOHC pistons, we do not recommend using other pistons.


○Ultra-high-speed precision bearing, timing gear already assembled
○Oil pump spindle included
○Ultra-high-speed precision bearing for repair (1 piece)
 (#6205) 315-6205000


Kitaco Reinforced Crankshaft 12V Type-41.4mm Stroke CRF50 / Z50J

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