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It is a vehicle-specific type with a dedicated harness attached to a 2-port type USB power supply that is ideal for mobile power supply.
*It is not completely waterproof. Do not use when washing the car or in the rain. When not in use, be sure to attach the attached rubber cap.
* Condensation may occur inside the main body (rubber cap) due to changes in temperature, etc. Avoid places where the temperature changes rapidly (around the engine), check frequently, and remove water droplets. (Remove water droplets with an air duster, vacuum cleaner, etc.) It may cause trouble.


○USB port: 1,000mA x 2
○DC12V/DC5V maximum output: 2,000mA (when only 1 port is used)
○Drip-proof specifications
○Built-in LED (blue)
○Power outlet:
 Optional coupler in headlight case

Kitaco USB Power Kit 125 Dax 2022+

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