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OPM Tachometer


Compact tachometer with shift timing light using 7 LEDs.
High visibility green LED transmissive display, with hour meter, maximum rotation speed and voltmeter function.


Equipped with a shift light composed of 7 LEDs above the highly visible green LED transmissive display. The lighting rotation range can be set. It is also equipped with a maximum speed, voltmeter, and engine running time meter.
● Upper shift light
4 x green: preliminary warning light
3 x red: shift light
● 4 x 7 seg Main display
x 1 rpm display up to 9990 rpm, 10 rpm unit.
From 10000 rpm or more, display at ×1000 rpm in 100 rpm units.


Built-in touch sensor


・Tachometer : ~19900rpm
・High speed record
・Hour meter: ~9999H
・Voltmeter: 8V ~ 18V
・7 segment x4 green LED transmissive display
・Touch sensor type operation button (right front)
・Body size: W57mm × H29mm D10mm
・Equivalent to waterproof standard IP66 (no harmful effect from jet water from any direction)
・Stable operating voltage: DC10~16V

Ultra-compact tachometer with 7 shift lights. A highly versatile reading circuit.
Tachometer: ~19900rpm, Hour meter: ~9999H, Volt meter: 8V~18V, 7 segments x4 Green LED Transparent display, Touch-sensor (front right), Size: W57mm × H29mm × D10mm, Waterproof cord :IP66, Operating voltage: DC10 ~ 16V

Opmid On-Top RPM Gauge 125 Monkey 2018-2020

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