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Compact thermometer for the highest degree of perfection

“Plug and Play” So easy installation & operation Thermometer & Voltmeter !! 


OPM top indicator

Integrated a meter into the aluminum cutting handle holder. 
We prepared two kinds of satin silver finish of Monkey 125 genuine look, half matte black finish of grom genuine look.


Aiming at the finish like genuine accessories, the external temperature sensor (Drain bolt etc.) which is not required for many external products, genuine temperature sensor reading type unnecessary Thermometer kit. 
A touch sensor panel with no fear of aging like physical switches is adopted for operation. 

The voltmeter which is useful for the important battery management in the injection car, the highest temperature record which can check the highest temperature after the stop, the high temperature warning function which prevents overheating (can be set to any temperature). The dedicated wiring also has a convenient power output line (round female).

With high temperature record and temperature warning function 
No need for external temperature sensor (Drain bolt etc.).

  • Thermometer: -10oC ~ 180oC (14 ~ 356oF)
  • High temperature warning function · Maximum temperature record
  • Voltmeter: 8V to 18V
  • 7 segments x 4 green LED transmissive display
  • Touch-sensitive operation button (front right)
  • Body size: W57mm × H29mm × D10mm
  • Equivalent to waterproof standard IP 66 (no harmful effect from jet water from all directions)
  • Stable operating voltage: DC10 ~ 16V
  • Temp: -10oC ~ 180oC (14 ~ 356oF)
  • High temp alarm · Max.Temp record
  • Volt meter: 8V to 18V
  • Display: 7Segx4 Green LED
  • With Touch sensor (Right front)
  • Size: W57mm x H29mm x D10mm
  • Waterproof cord: IP66
  • Operating voltage: DC10 ~ 16V

Opmid On-Top Temp/Voltage Gauge MSX / 125 Monkey 2013-2020

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