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Normal is a step with an UP light image, but it adds sportiness without spoiling the image of the monkey.
Since bearings are included in the movable parts of each part, smooth and accurate shift work becomes easy and riding becomes fun.
In addition, by increasing the rigidity, you can firmly respond to various step work such as when you run slowly in the city or when you run a little aggressively on the pass road


4 Position
105mmBACK / 40mmUP
120mmBACK / 50mmUP
110mmBACK / 50mmUP
115mmBACK / 40mmUP

・ Black alumite finish
・ STD / OVER muffler compatible
・ STD master / switch / brake hose compatible

・ Brake hose can be used with STD length.
・ Reverse change is not possible

OVER Racing Black Rear Sets 125 Monkey 2018-2021+

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£550.00Sale Price
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