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Titanium exhaust pipe: φ35
Titanium tail pipe: φ50.8
Titanium silencer: φ75/φ100x230mm
Weight: 1.8 kg
Volume: 91db
End Baffle standard equipment (86db)

Not for public roads because this is for the race-specific


This is a down-type full titanium muffler.
By replacing the stock up-type muffler, the image changes dramatically and the presence of the muffler increases.
It has excellent mid-range to high-range performance and characteristics of a high-revving engine .
The sound emphasizes the powerful pulsating rhythm unique to single-cylinder engines, and is tuned to be pleasant to the ears.
This muffler is compatible with Monkey 125 and can be installed on both left and right sides with side cover: 57-012- 01.

OVER Racing GP-PERFORMANCE Full Titanium RS-R 125 Monkey 2018-2021+

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