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Exhaust Pipe: Titanium
Tail Pipe: Titanium
Silencer: Titanium

Exhaust Pipe: Φ27.2
Tail Pipe: Φ50.8
Silencer: Φ90 x 200mm

It is mountable to OEM Exhaust Cover.
STD Kick Pedal: O
STD Exhaust Cover: O
OVER Rear Sets: O
OVER Swingarm: O


Full titanium hand bend muffler best for normal look custom.
Exhaust that draws smooth orbit and of hand bend type with beautiful burnt color, is available to mount on genuine muffler cover..
Model just like a wolf with sheep clothing.
The high-performance product which corresponds to normal from 50cc up to 100cc. In spite of short design, it elaborates exhaust pipe diameter and layout.
By adopting the straigt structure and silencer with large diameter Φ90mm, heavy bass sound will be created.
Even if the genuine cover is installed, titanium is noticeable due to hand bended exhaust pipe which can be seen at a glance with round cut weld end.
OVER made back step compatibility tableMore.

OVER RACING Hand Bent Titanium UP Exhaust System 13-01-28

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