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[Material] Heat guard: Aluminum

・Titanium exhaust pipe: Φ35-Φ50.8
・Titanium silencer: TT-Formula L=250mm
・Silencer insertion diameter: Φ52

・Proximity: 86dB
・Acceleration: 77dB

・Drain bolt: Available
・Filter: Available

*When using with OVER side cover, please purchase part number: 57-012-01L.
*Other types are included in the image.
*There is a case that there is a specification change of the commodity by the convenience of the manufacturer.

The TT-Formula Full Titanium Up, which was also popular with the previous model JB02, is finally here.
While maintaining the same image as the stock model, the TT-Formula silencer gives the bike a sporty and original look.
The volume has been increased compared to the previous model, resulting in a flatter output characteristic in the low to mid range, as well as a significant improvement in peak power and high RPM extension.
In addition, the weight has been significantly reduced compared to the stock model to improve operability.

The Monkey 125's "I want to ride as far as I can. Every time you ride it, you'll be satisfied.
The result is a bike that lives up to its catchphrase, "You'll be satisfied every time you ride.

OVER Racing TT-Formula Full Titanium Up Exhaust System 125 Monkey 2021+

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