Extra oil volume with new gas bladder tech to ensure the most stable damping quality. Aero Grade Aluminum forging construction and Military grade surface coating, saves up to 30% weight compared to conventional competitor.




  • Super High Strength JIS G3560 Cr-Si steel spring 

  • 6061-T6 Cold Forged Damper Body 

  • 7075-T6 Full CNC Piston

  • Super-Chrome Shaft

  • Bladder Oil/Gas Separation Tech 

  • Wide-range Low-Speed Rebound adjustment (24 clicks)

  • Co-Axial Hi/Lo Speed Compression Damping Adjustment 
    HSC (High-Speed Compression): 24 clicks
    LSC (Low-Speed Compression): 24 clicks

  • Ride height adjustable

RacingBros Shicane Edge HLR Shock Grom 2021+