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Have you ever been bothered by the weak compression damping of the original front forks that cause diving too much? Or you feel unconfident when you are in the corner? 
The New Anti Dive System can solve these problems!
With Anti Dive System, it could increase up to 40% compress resistance than the stock.High quality springs and dynamic valve could anti fork diving, provide better handling when you are carving throug the corner.Enjoy your ride and rule the road!

◆RacingBros recommend to use 10wt for approved performacne.

◆RacingBros don't recommend to change the stock damping rod, drilled or dealed holes.
These revised steps may cause unstable function or performance,

◆Technologies and setting from Asia Road Racing Championship(ARRC)
◆Check valve damping piston design: Increase the compression damping force and high sensitive rebound force.
◆Quick to install: Finishing the installation without removing the damping tube or changing the oil.
◆Compression damping adjustable.
◆Mainspring preload-adjustable:0-12mm.
◆Super High Strength JIS G3560 Cr-Si steel spring.
◆AL-6061 T6 preload body and damping piston.


RacingBros Anti Dive Fork Kit CT125 JA45 & JA60

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