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■ Aluminum scraping clutch cover (hydraulic type) 
Hydraulic type clutch is excellent in clutch operation, because play of the lever is difficult to change. 
The cover cuts out aluminum material elaborately and black anodized on the surface. Also, the center mark of the clutch cover contains the laser marking of the "HYDRAULIC" logo. 

■ Aluminum Die-Casted R. Crankcase Cover 
R. Aluminum die-casting is used for the crankcase cover. 
The cover surface is black painted. 
The cover corresponds to the normal clutch, our company's slipper clutch (02-01-0118) It 
is possible to upgrade the version to the reinforced clutch (wet type / dry type) after purchasing the clutch cover. 
* Specification change requires separate purchase of our designated parts.


 Oil Thru Nut

By installing it, it is possible to drastically reduce the weight !! 
Centrifugal Oil Filter Approx. 1069 g → Oil Through Nut Approx 123 g By 
exchanging it with the included oil through nut, it is possible to remove the normal centrifugal oil filter that places a burden on the crankshaft I will. 
This makes it possible to change the weight applied to the crankshaft from about 1069 g to about 123 g, enabling substantial weight savings. 
Also, by reducing the burden on the crankshaft, the engine response improves. 
By installing the oil through nut, it becomes an oil line leading to the crankshaft. 
Because it passes through the oil element, always beautiful oil flows to the crankshaft.



 Other details

■ Oil element built- 
in Filter impurities such as sludge and metal abrasion powder in the oil. 
By removing impurities in the oil, it is possible to maintain the engine output. 
The oil element adopts a highly reliable, cartridge type paper type. 

■ Oil Level Check Window 
You can easily check the amount of oil. Adopt durable glass for the engine oil check window. 

■ Large Filler Cap Aluminum Die-Cast Chrome Plating Finish Oil change can be done easily by enlarging the oil filling port.



 Oil outlet and patent acquisition structure

■ Oil takeout port 
Oil can be taken out directly from the cover body to the oil cooler. 
Our company has oil cooler kit for special clutch cover. 

■ Patent acquisition structure 
Thermostat mounting part and oil line structure If installed with an oil cooler kit (specification to take out oil from the special clutch cover), it is possible to prevent overcooling by installing optional thermostat unit.


■ Thermostat Unit 02-01-5052 By removing 
the oil from the cover body to the oil cooler and installing an optional thermostat unit, overcooling can be prevented. 
To install the thermostat, simultaneous installation of our oil cooler kit is necessary. 

Special Hydro Clutch Cover Kit (hydro type) Inc Master Cylinder Monkey 125

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