** Super Cam Chain Tensioner **

For MSX/Grom & Honda 125 Monkey !!!

Because the normal tensioner arm is molded by plate material, the contact area to the push rod is small, and the rubber at the tip of the push rod collapses into the form of plate thickness.
Also, when used for a long time with a high power engine, the deformation of the normal tensioner arm becomes severe, which may damage the push rod head.
In this case, proper tension is not applied to the cam chain, which may cause engine trouble.

Our company's tensioner arm elaborately cuts out ultra high duralumin material with high strength, increases the strength of the arm body by increasing the thickness, and further increases the contact area to the push rod.
This not only strengthens the tensioner arm but also reduces the collapse and breakage of the rubber at the tip of the push rod, greatly improving the lifetime of the push rod.

The center of the arm adopts a special color to control the run out of the tensioner arm, so you can accurately transmit the push rod's force to the cam chain.
Also, an oil hole is provided in the arm body, and oil is lubricated to the moving part.

Our company's tensioner rollers keep the proper tension to the cam chain by increasing the diameter of the roller body compared with the normal, and reduce the wear of the roller.
Moreover, by adopting the sprocket shape which is not in the normal, it is improving followability to the cam chain.

In addition, the normal tensioner roller can not remove the roller body, but because this product adopts a structure capable of detaching the roller, it is possible to exchange the rollers and it is excellent in maintainability.

Be sure to use genuine with moderate damper effect and our company push rod head.
Cam chain tensioner push rod head 00-01-0279

Because reinforced push rod heads sold by other manufacturers cause a large load on the cam chain and cause engine trouble, please do not install at the same time.

When replacing the cam chain tensioner arm, separate L. crankcase cover gasket is required to remove the normal generator cover.
L. Crankcase cover gasket 00-02-0357

Takegawa Super Cam Chain Tensioner MSX / 125 Monkey