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[Components] Rubber mount type bracket included

*Please do not install any aftermarket H.I.D kit or any other company's LED headlights or fog lamps at the same time.
*Some ballasts / inverters (voltage conversion devices) emit high voltage noise that can adversely affect digital circuits, causing product failure or malfunction.
*Please do not install the headlight ON / OFF switch and the aftermarket ignition system at the same time.
*Do not use in combination with ignition system products or power generation system products other than SP Takegawa products.
*If you use racing plugs or change the plug caps or high tension cords to other than stock or SP Takegawa products, the operation may become unstable due to noise.
*Make sure to use a resister type spark plug.
*There may be changes in product specifications due to manufacturer's reasons.

The "Φ48 Small DN Tachometer Kit 12500RPM" can be installed next to the standard meter without any wiring modification

This product comes with a meter bracket that can be placed next to the stock speedometer and a sub-harness specially designed for the vehicle, so that the small DN tachometer 12500RPM can be installed on the Monkey 125 without the need to modify the stock parts or wiring.
The wiring can be connected by coupler.
Meter bracket is made of steel with black paint finish.

■Φ48 Small DN (Digital Needle) Tachometer
The angle of the pointer is completely controlled by digital signals and a small motor, resulting in high pointer retention and excellent reliability.
In addition to the RPM function, the meter is equipped with a thermometer, a clock, an engine work timer, and an automatic measurement function (maximum temperature record / maximum RPM record).
The black panel with white LED lighting provides excellent nighttime visibility.
Stainless steel body.

■Φ48 Small DN Tachometer Details
・Electric tachometer with pointer: -12500rpm display

・The monitor is equipped with a variety of functions (digital display)
A thermometer (capable of measuring up to 150°C) and a stick temperature sensor are included, so you can measure the temperature at the drain bolt by purchasing SP Takegawa drain bolts (sold separately).
The temperature sensor can be mounted inside the cowl to measure the outside air temperature.

・Automatic measurement function
The maximum temperature record and the maximum rpm record are done automatically when the meter is installed.
After running, you can check the record by switching the meter display, and the record will be saved until resetting.

・Engine work timer
Timer that automatically adds up the engine operating time above 500rpm.
It stops when the speed drops below 500rpm.
Maximum time: 9999 hours (up to 100 hours is recorded in minutes, and over 100 hours is recorded in hours.) Resettable.There is a non-display setting

24-hour display with hide setting

Points of Attention

* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese

Takegawa Φ48 Small DN Tachometer Kit 12500RPM 125 Monkey 2018-2021+

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