This product meter stay that can be placed next to the genuine speedometer, because the vehicle-only sub-harness is attached, there is no need for processing and wiring processing of genuine parts, Φ48 scan 
you can attach the mall DN tachometer to Monkey 125 . 
Wiring can be connected with coupler on. 
Meter stay is made of steel black paint finish


 Φ48 small DN tachometer details DN = digital needle

Because the pointer angle is fully controlled by the digital signal & small motor, the pointer holding power is high and reliability is excellent. 
The meter main body is excellent in earthquake resistance and accuracy, it has a rev indicator and revolution number record as the revolution number function. 
White LED lighting on black panel is outstanding at night recognition. Adopt stainless steel body. Rubber mount type stay included



Please do not install the HID kit for external products, LED headlights from other manufacturers and fog lamps at the same time absolutely. 
There are things with high voltage noise that may adversely affect the digital circuit from the ballast / inverter (voltage conversion device), which may cause product malfunction or malfunction.

Takegawa φ48 small DN tachometer kit for Monkey125