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 17R stage + D cylinder head

Large diameter valve intake: 26mm / exhaust: 22.5mm based on the normal head shape.
(12V monkey normal valve diameter is intake: 19mm / exhaust: 16mm)
Our original cylinder head that adopts the optimum valve pinch angle, combustion chamber shape, and port shape in addition to the large diameter valve.
The port diameter of the normal head is 14mm for both intake and exhaust, while the port diameter of the 17R stage is larger with intake: 24.5mm / exhaust: 19mm. In addition, a three-dimensional port shape is adopted, and in combination with the increase in the diameter of the valve port, it is possible to smoothly flow more intake and exhaust gas.
Valve: (Intake 26mm / Exhaust 22.5mm Valve stem shaft diameter 4.5mm) The
increased weight due to the larger diameter of the valve is kept to a minimum due to the thinner stem shaft and waist processing.
Valve spring: A single valve spring with an unequal pitch (2-step pitch) of the optimum spring rate is used to suppress surging at high rpm.


 Auto decompression camshaft

Auto decompression function: High compression, displacement increase Even in engine cars, the engine can be started with a light kick force.
There are three types of camshafts, R-10E / R-15E / R-20E, which can be replaced according to the intended use to enjoy driving performance.
88cc / Scut 106cc / 106cc Kit included Camshaft: R-10E



 φ52H cylinder (aluminum iron sleeve cylinder)

The appearance is the same as the genuine cylinder of the Cub engine (the height of the cylinder is different).
The M5 temperature sensor can be connected to the side of the cylinder, and the cylinder temperature can be measured by changing the sensor part of our compact LCD meter (with M5 temperature sensor) or thermometer to the M5 temperature sensor.



The piston has a molybdenum coat on the skirt to improve initial familiarity.



With the installation of 17R stage + D, it is necessary to install our carburetor kit and muffler separately in order to fully demonstrate the engine performance.

Takegawa 17R-Stage + D Bore Up Kit 88cc (H Cylinder) CRF50/Z50

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