Standard: 12V-Monkey (H Cylinder/Super Sports)

■ 17RStageECylinder head
Normal head shape to base Large diameter Valve Intake : 26mm / Exhaust : 22. Adopted 5 mm.
(12 V Monkey normal valve diameter is Intake : 19mm / Exhaust : 16mm)
In addition to Large diameter Valve, it is the Cylinder head of SP Takekawa Company Original which adopted the optimum Valve pinch angle, combustion chamber shape, port shape.
The port diameter of Normal head is Intake / Exhaust are both 14 mm, whereas the port diameter of 17 RStage is Intake : 24. 5mm / Exhaust : 19 mm and Large Diameter. Also, adopting a three-dimensional port shape, Valve · Together with the increase in port diameter, it is possible to pass more intake / exhaust gas Gas to Smooth.
Valve : (Intake26mm / Exhaust22. 5 mm Valve stem shaft diameter 4. 5mm)
Due to the increase in the diameter of Valve, the increased weight is limited to the smallest limit weight by the reduction of the axis of the Stem shaft and Waist processing.
Valve Spring : Ideal Spring rate incompatibility. Pitch (2 stage Pitch) Adopt SingleValve Spring to reduce surging during high rotation.

■ SUPERSports Camshaft
Establish Oil line at CamshaftCenter and induce Oil to Camshaft Sprocket to increase durability and lubrication effect of Camshaft Chain.
The Camshaft journal section adopts support at both ends Ball bearing and reduces the frictional resistance to Camshaft from start and low speed.

After purchasing 17RStageE, 17RStage + DSpec. Can change to.
By separately purchasing Decompression Camshaft Kit for 17RStageE, it can be upgraded to 17RStage + D.

■ Piston
Piston has been given Molybdenum Coat to make Skirt part better initial familiarity.

*It is necessary to separately install the carburetor kit exhaust system of SP TAKEGAWA in order to fully demonstrate the engine performance accompanying 17R stage + D mounting.

Takegawa 17R Stages E Bore Up Kit 88cc (H Cylinder) CRF50/Z50J 12v

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