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This is a big throttle body kit for those who use the Superhead 4V+R engine.
By installing it, the output performance will be further improved.
SP Takegawa original air filter and shroud bracket are included in the kit.

・Big throttle body Throttle body: Bore diameter Φ34

・SP Takegawa Original Inlet Pipe for Super Head 4V + R
Big throttle body to Superhead 4V+R head intake port for smooth intake.
Surface Barrel Finish

・SP Takegawa original air filter included
Oval tapered air filter with excellent intake effect is adopted.
It can be connected directly to the big throttle body.
The air filter is equipped with a blow-by hose union, which can be connected to the crank case breather or SP Takegawa oil catch tank.

・Shroud bracket included
A shroud bracket is included to secure the shroud when the stock air cleaner box is removed.
SP Takegawa oil cooler can be fixed to this shroud bracket.
Since the oil cooler itself can be installed on the top, it is recommended when the under cowl is installed due to race regulations.

Takegawa 34mm Big Throttle Body Kit (With Filter) (SH4V +R) MSX 2013-2020

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