for 10-inch STD Footpeg
Stand Adjustment Range: Approximately 220mm-Approximately 285mm
* Details
With this Adjustable Side Stand, you can make fine adjustments to its length as you like by rotating the stand bolt according to the corresponding wheel inch number. You can make it match with your customized vehicle.
Since you can install OEM side stand switch, you can use side stand return failure preventing function as it is.
You can install it even if you are not using stand switch.

Uses machined aluminum for its stand body and fixing nut, and uses stainless steel for its spring hook, pivot bolt, and stand bolt. By using aluminum and stainless steel, it prevents corrosion due to rust commonly seen on OEM stands.
Aluminum is coated with silver anodized aluminum to make it corrosion resistant. And there is a laser making logo on the body.

Adjusting range of Adjustable Side Stand: (for 10 inch wheel) able to adjust between the range of approximately 220mm-285mm

Takegawa Adjustable Side Stand 10Inch


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