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It is an air filter kit that removes the stock air cleaner box and connecting tube and attaches directly to the stock throttle body.
Inhalation efficiency improves by wearing this product. Both normal engine and custom engine specifications are supported.
Based on test data, we have adopted a connecting tube exclusively for the normal throttle body that seeks an appropriate length and positional relationship that does not affect the intake effect.
Since the air filter body has a blow-by union, it can be connected to a blow-by hose.
The kit comes with a sensor stay that can fix the sensor attached to the normal air cleaner box.
You can choose from two types of air filters: black element and red element.
This product can be stored compactly around the engine and can be installed without disturbing the silhouette of the vehicle.

Takegawa Air Filter Kit (Stock Throttle Body) 125 Monkey 2021+ (JB03 5 Speed)

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