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[Spring Adjustment] Adjustable from the initial set length to the compression side in the range of 27mm
[Spring Color] Black
[Damping Force Adjustment] 18 stages adjustment on extension side.
[Free Length] Stepless adjustment between mounting hole pitch 320mm - 340mm


[Product Description]
Oil damper type rear shock absorber with a spring rate that provides comfort for long rides. Machined aluminum body with gunmetal anodized finish for a premium look.
Two-stage pitch springs are used to improve comfort. The initial movement is soft, and the bike follows the road conditions and changes in speed. Ride height can be adjusted by changing spring set length, rebound damping force, and free length to suit the driving field.
Spring adjustment: Adjustable from the initial set length to the retraction side within a range of 27mm. Uses a split-tightening type adjusting nut that does not require a lock nut. Spring color is black paint.
Damping force adjustment: 18 levels of adjustment are possible on the extension side. Easy to adjust with dials.
Free Length: Can be adjusted steplessly between 320mm and 340mm of mounting hole pitch. Notches are provided at 5mm intervals to provide a guide to the amount of movement.
Both stock Swing Arm and SP Takegawa's Aluminum Swing Arm can be installed simultaneously.

Takegawa Aluminum Rear Shock Absorbers 125 Monkey (320-340mm)

£475.00 Regular Price
£425.00Sale Price
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