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Completely new design Main arm 
Combines both rigidity required for swing arm and weight saving by balance of original cross section shape and material thickness. Elaborate "bending" and "buffing" indicate an overwhelming presence that is nothing else. 
It is a "real swing arm" that emphasizes the attention and functionality that leads to the details made possible because it is completely in-house production. 

Joining treatment for finding durability / fatigue strength The 
number of joint surfaces with the main arm is increased, fatigue strength is improved, and high durability is obtained. 

Beautiful buffing finish The 
buffing is applied to the entire swing arm, enhancing the presence and custom image of the aluminum swing arm and directing the vehicle beautifully. 


Original design considering maintainability 

The chain adjuster part adopts a dedicated adjuster that can be easily adjusted with a hexagonal wrench. 
Aluminum scraping chain adjuster is hard anodized and contains laser marking logo.

Takegawa Aluminum SwingArm 125 Monkey

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