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Big throttle body throttle body: Bore diameter φ34 

■ Super head 4V + R exclusive Our original inlet inlet pipe It is possible 
to inhale smoothly from the big throttle body to the super head 4V + R head intake port. Surface barrel finish 

■ Our original connecting tube is attached 
You can connect the normal air cleaner box and the big throttle body. 
For exclusive design, you can connect as it is without changing the position of the normal air cleaner box. 
Processing to expand the hole diameter of the air cleaner box is necessary to correspond to the big throttle body.


Our company's super head 4V + R bore up kit 181cc (normal throttle body specification) wearing car will be covered. 

It is necessary to confirm that the built-in program of FI CON 2 (injection controller) being used corresponds to big throttle body. 
In the case of FI con 2 not supporting Big Throttle Body, rewriting service is required. 

When doing rewriting service (chargeable), shipping fee / cash on delivery commission is required separately.

 Required target for rewriting service (chargeable) FI con 2

■ You can check with the part number of FI CON 2 you purchased. 
GROM (JC61-1000001 ~ 1299999) Part No. 05-04-0021 
MSX125 Part number 05-04-0022 
GROM (JC61-1300001 ~) · MSX125SF 

part number 05-04-0034 If you correspond to the above part number, Is required. 

■ It can be confirmed by the blinking pattern of FI CON 2 at power on. 
The red lamp flashes for GROM (JC61-1000001 ~ 1299999) and the green lamp flashes for MSX125. 
For GROM (JC 61-1300001 ~) · MSX 125SF, red lamp and green lamp blink simultaneously. 
The blinking pattern when the rewriting service is required is "flashing three times" 
when the power is turned on The blinking pattern corresponding to the big throttle body is "blinking twice" at the time of turning on 

the work contents of the rewriting service (paid) The 
work content is subject to us Send FI CON 2 (injection controller), technical staff will rewrite to the big throttle specification program and return it.

Takegawa 34mm Throttle Body Kit 181 4v+R MSX (Stock AirBox)

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