A billet lever that can be attached to our clutch master cylinder.
By installing it, the lever will be about 30 mm longer than before the replacement, so you can lighten the lever operation.
The lever body is made of finely machined aluminum to achieve a shape that is easy to grip and excellent operability.
In addition, by applying color alumite to the surface, the dress-up effect is enhanced and the area around the handle is beautifully produced.
In addition, a foldable lever is used. The lever collapses when it falls, absorbing the impact and reducing breakage or damage to the lever.
The lever is equipped with an adjust lever that can adjust the position of the lever according to the size of the hand, and can be adjusted in 6 steps.

Color alumite
lever: Gunmetal Adjust lever: Red Holder: Black With
laser marking of our logo.

Takegawa Billet Clutch Lever (Takegawa Hydro Master Cylinder)