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Black paint
Load capacity 2.0kg
With TAKEGAWA logo

Please note that SP Takegawa's rear shock mount nuts cannot be used with this product as the stock mount nuts are used for the upper rear shock mount.


Side Bag Support (Black Paint)" for Monkey 125

When installing loading equipment such as SP Takegawa's 2WAY Multi Bag, this support keeps the clearance with the bike and prevents it from being rolled in. It is a support.
This support is designed for use with the SP Mukawa 2WAY Multi Bag.

The design is exclusive to the bike, so it does not spoil the image of the bike, and allows the loading equipment to be securely installed.

Supports bags up to about 5L (W300mm x H220mm x D130mm).

Can be used with the Takegawa grab bar and rear carrier at the same time.


SP Takegawa Installation Confirmed Maximum size of the pre-assembled side bag
Approx. W300mm x H220mm x D130mm (5L)

Takegawa Side Bag & Support Mount 125 Monkey 2018-2021+

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