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By changing the normal turn signal to a blaze turn signal, the vehicle will be beautifully produced both when it is not blinking and when it is blinking.
By adopting a three-dimensionally configured reflector that wraps around the turn signal bulb, reflection different from normal is possible and the dress-up effect of the vehicle is enhanced.
Installation does not require wiring work or stay addition work, and the normal turn signal unit, valve, and socket harness are replaced.
Includes hyper LED turn signal bulb.


4 Blaze Winkers, 4 Hyper LED Winker Bulbs, Socket Harness, Wide Range Flasher Relay, Relay Cord, Cable Tie


The screw that attaches the turn signal unit is reused as normal.

Takegawa Blaze Turn Signal Smoke Lens 125 Monkey 2018-2021+

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