Color: Silver Painted
It adopts a cast piston.
Bore Diameter : 56mm
Compression Ratio: 11.2: 1
Stroke: 57.9mm (STD )

You can enjoy Torque fully output performance which is not in NORMAL.

■ e Stage Bore Up Kit 143cc
It is a Bore Up Kit that can change Engine Displacement Volume from NORMAL 124 c to 143cc by changing Cylinder and Piston.
FI Controller TYPE-e (Injection controller) Simultaneously wearing it realizes Torque fully output characteristic different from NORMAL.
Cylinder uses the same material as NORMAL:Steel Cylinder is adopted.

■ Sports Camshaft (N-20)
The optimum profile that derives the performance of Normal cylinder head to the maximum Large limit improves output performance.
By installing it in the Normal engine, the output in the high speed range will be improved.
Sports Camshaft (N-20) Normally, if you remove DecompressionParts from Standard Camshaft and attach it to Sports Camshaft, it becomes Automatic DecompressionSpec.

*It requires the simultaneous installation of FI CON TYPE-e (injection controller) when installing the e-stage bore up kit.
*It is not allowed to travel on public roads by registering two types of mopeds because the engine displacement is 125cc or more. It will be exclusive to competition.
*It does not have an oil removal boss in the cylinder adopted as an e stage bore up kit.
*It is recommended installing SP TAKEGAWA special clutch cover when removing oil to the oil cooler.
•About e stage booster kit installation
It increases the burden of twist and deflection on the crankshaft by installing the footpeg e stage booster kit because the engine output and torque are greatly increased. In SP TAKEGAWA, it is recommended to install crankshaft support adapter at the same time in order to reduce the burden on the crankshaft.
The crankshaft support adapter adds support by ball bearings to the end of the crankshaft flywheel side, thereby suppressing twisting, deflection, etc., and increasing the durability of the crankshaft.
It is a crankshaft support adapter for MONKEY 125

Takegawa Bore Up Kit 143cc 125 Monkey / MSX