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For OEM drum brake arm (front & rear)
Applicable to SP TAKEGAWA Brake Arm for MONKEY, GORILLA, APE, CUB
Adjust nut shape: 3Point type

It is a machined aluminum brake adjustment nut finished with colored anodized aluminum. It is suitable for the decoration of front/rear break area of drum brake vehicles.
The shape of the adjustment nut adopts 3P style with presence.
It has laser marking of SP TAKEGAWA logo.
It is applicable to OEM brake arm (front/rear) for drum brake as well as SP TAKEGAWA brake arm for MONKEY, GORILLA, APE and CUB.

*Will Work with KLX110*

Takegawa Brake Adjust Nut 3Point Z50/KLX110/CRF110/CRF125

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