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For this product, remove the genuine air cleaner box, install the attached oil cooler stay under the frame, and fix the oil cooler body.
This will give you the same style as the old Monkey Customs.
To take out the oil to the oil cooler, use the oil take-out port on our special clutch cover.

Number of stages of oil cooler body: 3 fins 4 oil line
Type of oil hose: Slim line hose


 Compact cool

The cooler body uses a compact cool with excellent cooling effect. By installing an oil cooler, you can prevent the oil temperature from rising as the engine bore increases.
Oil cooler plate and guard are standard equipment.



 Specifications for installation

It is necessary to install the following clutch cover and target engine parts at the same time

Clutch cover
SP Takekawa special clutch cover

engine specification
SP Takekawa hyper tuning kit (high compression piston) (big throttle body specification) equipped vehicle
or SP Takekawa bore up kit (big throttle Vehicle with body specifications)


This product is intended for vehicles equipped with our high-compression piston kit with big throttle body, or various bore-up kits, and our special clutch cover kit.
Cannot be installed at the same time as the normal air cleaner box and the normal clutch cover.
Add 3 fins: about 40cc to the normal amount of oil.

Takegawa Oil Cooler Kit (3F/Slimline) 125 Monkey 2018-2020

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